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at your specialist company for polishing, sanding and milling tools.

Since 1973 SSP produces and distributes high-quality rotating tools and instruments. Our satisfied customers include gold and silversmiths, hearing aid technicians, podiatrists and nail artists, as well as dental technicians and opticians.

Characterized, is our wide range by durability and high quality. The innovative solution in the tool technology always complies with the special requirements of our customers. Go to our website and get an overview of our broad range of polishers, milling cutters and grinding tools.

The outstanding quality and longevity of our products will inspire you.

Characterized, is our wide range by durability and high quality


Our products will inspire you


High standards in creative composition and design as well as the processing of various materials require innovative ideas in tool manufacturing. The high quality and longevity of our broad product range of polishing, grinding, and milling tools will satisfy you.


Fine processing and high standards on creativity and design in combination with high stability and precision distinguish our polishing, grinding and milling tools.

Nail Care / Beauty

Our product line includes a variety of different milling and sanding attachments for nail and foot care. We impress by our high quality and stability. This improves and makes the work for our customers easier.

Acoustics / Optics

High durability and quality of our large range of milling cutters, polishers, and grinding tools improve and facilitate your work in the lab. Innovative tools will help you achieve fast and accurate results.

Precision Engineering

Our broad range of milling, grinding and polishing tools will make your work easier. High stability and quality transforms our tool to a good companion for your work routine.

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Top quality polishing, milling and grinding tools

Let our work convince you.

Polishing Brushes, Polishing Buff of SSP

Our wide range of polishing brushes and polishing buffing will win you over. They are made of high quality natural materials, a part of it is manual work but also semi-automated, which will convince you by steadiness and dimensional stability. From grinding brushes and pre-polishing to high gloss, we offer a wide product range.

Our product groups for polishing brushes and polishing buffing:
  • Polishing brushes with natural hair bristles
  • Polishing brushes with insert
  • Hand piece brushes with natural hair bristles
  • Hand piece brushes with insert
  • Hand piece buffing
  • End brushes

Milling Cutter from SSP

We offer a wide range of carbide cutters (coated and uncoated), as well as stainless steel instruments of the highest quality. Titanium carbide cutters round down our product range for optimum results.

Our product groups at the milling cutters:
  • Carbide milling instruments
  • Stainless steel instruments
  • Steel cutter coated
  • Goldies (TIN cutters)
  • Cool Nano Powernitride Hardlox Bits

Grinding Instruments from SSP

We offer a wide range of diamond-cut grinders, as well as ceramic grinding instruments of the highest quality. For optimum results, our product range is rounded down by top quality grinding caps and sanding belts.

Our product groups of grinders:
  • Diamond-cut grinding instruments
  • Sapphire grinding instruments
  • Ceramic grinding instruments
  • Grinding cap / bands

Polishing Instruments from SSP

We offer a wide range of polishing instruments, such as rubber, silicone, and diamond polishers. We provide our customers a large assortment of different types of binding, shapes, and sizes, always adapted to the processed materials. The service life will convince you.

Our product categories at the polishers:
  • Rubber, silicone, acrylic polisher
  • Diamond coated polishers
  • Hard durable polishers

Cleaning Tools

Our assortment of top quality cleaning instruments is ideal in combination with our products, such as mills and grinders. In addition, we offer our brass cleaner spare brushes for replacement. This saves costs and relieves the environment.

Gold and Silversmiths


Our broad range of special tools, also for surface treatment, will not only make your job easier, but also inspire you to create and achieve new designs.

For all types of materials, beginning from brass to platinum, we offer a variety of milling, grinding, and polishing tools. Also semi-precious stones and even cubic zirconia can be processed or bring shine back to the surface. For pearls, stones or any kind of metals, we offer the appropriate drilling or milling attachments.

With our polishing brushes and buffing and our polishing pastes, the high gloss "flies" on your jewelry.

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Exhibition dates

19 - 23 January 2024 Vicenzaoro - T-Gold Vicenza
16 - 19 February 2024 Inhorgenta Munich
30 August - 01 Septembre 2024 INOVA Frankfurt
24 - 27 October 2024 Show/Gemworld Munich



We offer a broad range of special tools for the fine processing of your valuable timer, which are also suitable for creative surface design. Get into the smallest areas with our tools and process or polish them to perfection. Our tools will make your job easier.

Create new surface textures, a sun-cut or Côtes de Genève. For all types of materials, from brass through to platinum/titanium, we offer a variety of milling, grinding, and polishing tools.

With our polishing brushes and buffing, and our polishing pastes, the high gloss "flies" on your jewelry.

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Nail Care and Beauty

Podiatry & Nails

The work on the customer is different and demanding, which requires a comprehensive assortment of different milling, grinding and polishing attachments. We offer these in a variety of shapes, materials, and grains more specifically gears.

Facilitate and accelerate your work on the customer. We offer attachments for the treatment of gel and acrylic nails, for nail design, for manicure and appropriate solutions in podiatry.
SSP Steidle | Polier- und Schleifwerkzeuge
SSP Steidle | Polier- und Schleifwerkzeuge
SSP Steidle | Polier- und Schleifwerkzeuge

Exhibition dates

22 - 24 March 2024 Beauty Düsseldorf
13 - 14 April 2024 Beauty Graz
07 - 08 Septembre 2024 Cosmetica Friedrichshafen
21 - 22 Septembre 2024 Cosmetica Wiesbaden
26 - 27 October 2024 Beauty Munich
16 - 17 November 2024 Cosmetica Berlin
23 - 24 November 2024 Messe Kalkar ???

Acoustics and Optics

Hearing System Technicians & Opticians

In order to achieve fast and excellent results on the most different materials (for example Biopor) in the hearing aid technology, it requires a professional tool that shows a high stability and accuracy in machining. Our well sorted product line ranges from extra-long drills to speed trimmers. Carbide and tool steel cutters complete the product range. With our lint-free polishing buffing, you get any plastic to a high gloss. In the field of optics, we offer drills for the treatment of plastic and glass. The product range of the jewelry sector rounds up the work on the frames.

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Exhibition dates

16 - 18 October 2024 EUHA Hannover

Precision Engineering

Precision Tools

For the work on the hand piece, we produce high quality mini tools such as polishing brushes and polishing rubbers in every shape and for every kind of materials. Completed, is the broad range with high-quality carbide cutters and tool steel cutters of all kinds.

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SSP Steidle

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